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Music Therapy

In partnership with Whole Step CIC.

Therapy isn’t the only step in helping people, but it’s a big step. 

Whole Step is a children’s therapy service, specialising in:

  • Special needs (e.g. ASD, learning difficulties)
  • Social difficulties and building social skills
  • Emotional difficulties, such as trauma and attachment issues
  • Communication issues (e.g. select mutism)
  • Looked-after children and their carers

Music is a means of non-verbal communication and self-expression. Children are naturally expressive through art forms and through play, making music easily accessible and a non-threatening form of therapy.

Our therapeutic approach uses Creative Therapies (such as Music Therapy) and play to work with children, and attachment-based assessments and attachment theory to inform our practice.

We believe in engaging not only with our clients but also their families, schools and other professionals, so we can come to understand the whole person.

About Whole Step
Lead therapist at Whole Step is Rima Jakubauskas, who has over 14 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, including 10 years as a music therapist. Prior to moving to Berkshire, she worked in London in over 10 schools in Camden, Newham, Stockwell, Clapham and Brixton, establishing therapy provisions and offered individual, group, and family sessions to children and families.

Music therapy is a recognised health profession in the UK and in many countries worldwide. All UK therapists are highly trained at a master’s level and are certified with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Parents/carers, schools, children’s centre, social workers, GPs as well as other health professionals can all refer into the service.

About the Sessions
Sessions are normally 30-45 minutes in length, weekly, and at a regular time and day. The therapist will meet with the client, family or carer prior to the start of therapy. Consent is required in all aspects of therapy.

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