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Guitars are some of the most popular musical instruments in the world, with many different kinds used in different styles and cultures. Some of the most famous musicians in history have played guitars or written music for them. Guitars are played with the right hand fingers or a pick. The left hand produces different notes by lengthening or shortening the strings by holding them down behind the frets.


The advantages of learning to play a guitar

  • Versatile

    Guitars can be heard in almost every style of music from across the world

  • Sociable and personal

    Guitars are great as both ensemble and solo instruments

  • Economical

    Good guitars can be obtained at comparatively low cost

Classical Guitar

The acoustic guitar from Spain with a warm rich voice

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Electric Guitar

Loud brash and versatile. The electric guitar can be heard in all rock and pop music

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Bass guitar

Bass guitars provide all the low notes: the essential ingredient in all music!

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Simple, fun and very portable

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Instrument Hire

There’s no need to invest in an instrument as a beginner – you can hire one from us to play at home.

Help with Fees

Our lessons start from £10 each but we also offer financial support for families in need.

View our venues and locations

You can learn to play guitars in many schools or in our music centres across Berkshire.


Registering for lessons

Lessons can take place in most schools during the school day or in our music centres across Berkshire. You can choose from group or individual lessons for any instrument. Once you have registered, our team will be in touch with options for lesson times to suit you.

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