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Whatever instrument you are interested in, it’s likely that we can teach you to play it – and in most cases, find a group you can play in too. We offer free tasters for every instrument (including voice!) so you can make sure your choice is a good fit before committing to lessons.

Learning to play

Each instrument is slightly different, so learning how to play will vary. They are all brilliant in their own way though (don’t ever ask us to pick a favourite)!

  • Why learn an instrument?

    Would you be keen to take up a hobby that improves your concentration, wellbeing, coordination, mental health, and even your physical health and social life? If so, a musical instrument is a great choice!

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  • How do I choose an instrument?

    Some people always know what they want to play – whether it’s a family tradition or just a sound you love. For others it’s more of a challenge, but our instrument chooser quiz can help

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Music lessons don’t have to be expensive, and lessons from Berkshire Maestros will always offer good value (and free trials!)

Instrument hire

You don’t have to have your own instrument when you start learning. We offer affordable hire for a range of instruments in a range of sizes.

Mini Maestros

Not quite old enough for instrument lessons yet? Our Mini Maestros classes are the perfect introduction to music for little ones from birth to age seven.


“Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed.”

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William Christopher Handy Father of the Blues

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Already know which instrument you want to play? Ready to make a start on your musical journey? Sign up below to start your adventure!

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