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The saxophone is a single reed instrument within the woodwind family. It is the most modern woodwind instrument, invented in the 1840s. There are nine members of the saxophone family, but you would start on the alto saxophone (or occasionally tenor). The mouthpiece and reed on a saxophone are very similar to those on a clarinet.

Learning to play saxophone

Making a sound on the saxophone is quite simple once you have mastered the embouchure (mouth position). Because it is very modern by musical instrument standards it is found more often in modern ensembles, such as jazz bands, wind bands and pop bands. But some orchestral composers do include them too.

  • Benefits of learning to play saxophone

    Learning the saxophone will help to improve memory and concentration. It demands great skill on both hands so will develop coordination and strength. There are lots of opportunities for saxophonists to play in groups and ensembles

  • Is it the right instrument for me?

    If you want to be at the heart of a symphony orchestra then the saxophone is not for you. But if jazz and wind bands are more your thing then it is could be your perfect instrument. It is definitely the coolest woodwind instrument


You can start to learn the saxophone in our low cost group lessons

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Lessons are available in schools or at music centres after school and at weekends

Hire a saxophone

There’s no need to invest in an instrument as a beginner – you can hire one from us to play at home


Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you.

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Charlie Parker

Registering for lessons

Lessons can take place in most schools during the school day or in our music centres across Berkshire. You can choose from group or individual lessons for any instrument. Once you have registered, our team will be in touch with options for lesson times to suit you.

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