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Your voice is natural. Here at Berkshire Maestros we offer the opportunity to take your voice to the next level. We believe in making singing enjoyable through fun, friendly and inspiring lessons. You can learn to sing in different styles: pop, musical theatre, classical and more. Should you want to further develop your skills, you can work towards singing exams, auditions and performances.

Learning to Sing

Singing lessons can take place in school or at your local Music Centre. You can have group or individual lessons and we recommend starting from the age of six or seven. During singing lessons you will learn how to develop effective breathing to support your voice, improve your posture, learn to read music, perform a variety of songs and most importantly find your vocal journey.

  • Benefits of learning to sing

    Learning to sing and read music can enable young people to reach their creative potential by contributing to their personal development. Singing is a great way to build confidence and self-expression. Singing can boost your immune system, improve your mood, act as a stress reliever and can improve sleep

  • Is it the right instrument for me?

    If you can talk, you can sing; and here at Berkshire Maestros we believe that everyone has a voice. Through singing lessons you will learn how to use your voice to its fullest potential. There are many opportunities to sing with others, learn different styles and develop long lasting friendships


You can start to learn how to sing in our low cost group lessons.

Find a singing lesson

Lessons are available in schools or at music centres after school and at weekends.

Join a choir

If you would rather sing in a group, we have a range of choirs to suit everyone from children to adults.


Singing…in groups encourages children to overcome social isolation, share their voice, and gives them an opportunity to share worries and concerns

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John Cameron OBE, NSPCC

Registering for lessons

Lessons can take place in most schools during the school day or in our music centres across Berkshire. You can choose from group or individual lessons for any instrument. Once you have registered, our team will be in touch with options for lesson times to suit you.

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