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The first bass guitar appeared in 1951 and changed the world of music forever! Now music could be led by a bass sound that was powerful and clear. Many guitarists and double bass players gravitated towards this revolutionary new instrument.

Learning to play the bass guitar

The bass guitar can be learned in small groups or individually. Students will learn how to hold the instrument, good technique in both hands, how to read music and construct great basslines. They will also learn how to set up the amplifier to produce the right sound for different genres.

  • Benefits of learning the bass guitar

    Learning the bass guitar will help to improve memory and concentration. This instrument requires strength and skill so will also help to develop coordination. Good bass players are in great demand as they are essential for so many performances

  • Is it the right instrument for me?

    This instrument suits people who like to be at the foundation of things musically. Many people have transferred from guitar or double bass to the bass guitar. There is a real creative element to creating suitable basslines for a given song so it suits people who are interested in composition


You can start to learn the bass guitar in our low cost group lessons

Find a bass guitar lesson

Lessons are available in schools or at music centres after school and at weekends.

Hire a bass guitar

There’s no need to invest in an instrument as a beginner – you can hire one from us to play at home.


Bass guitar is the engine of the band.

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Registering for lessons

Lessons can take place in most schools during the school day or in our music centres across Berkshire. You can choose from group or individual lessons for any instrument. Once you have registered, our team will be in touch with options for lesson times to suit you.

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