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The French horn has been around for hundreds of years but after the addition of valves to this instrument it became a soloist as well. The modern French horn had valves added to it in the 19th century and features heavily in orchestras and wind bands. This instrument can play high and low and when combined in a team of four can produce a magnificent sound.

Learning to play the French horn

You can learn the French horn in individual lessons or in small groups. Group lessons can either be all on the same instrument or in a mixed brass session. You will learn how to hold the instrument, good technique, and how to control your breathing and your tongue.

  • Benefits of learning the French horn

    Learning the French horn can improve your memory and concentration. The strength and skill required for this instrument will help to develop coordination. You can learn a whole range of musical styles. Plus, playing brass instruments improves breathing technique and can give players lungs as efficient as athletes

  • Is it the right instrument for me?

    If you are looking for a versatile instrument and want to play with others in bands and ensembles then the French horn could be the one for you. Brass players also get all the best bits in film music; they get the big tunes and all the glory; think Star Wars, Superman, Avengers, James Bond etc. Listen out for a brass instrument next time you are watching your favourite film!


You can start to learn the French horn in our low cost group lessons.

Find a French horn lesson

Lessons are available in schools or at music centres after school and at weekends.

Hire a French horn

There’s no need to invest in an instrument as a beginner – you can hire one from us to play at home.


French horn can be very epic, and at the same time, very dark and moving.

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Alexandre Desplat

Registering for lessons

Lessons can take place in most schools during the school day or in our music centres across Berkshire. You can choose from group or individual lessons for any instrument. Once you have registered, our team will be in touch with options for lesson times to suit you.

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