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Quiz has been working at Maestros for four and a half years and is an exceptionally popular member of staff!


She works in the instrument department and not only does an amazing job looking after her owner, Max, but also provides support to the rest of the team by way of lots of cuddles.

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Having been brought up in Winnersh, Quiz came to live with Max in November 2016 at the age of 18months and quickly made a huge difference to her life by giving her back her freedom and independence following her sight loss 12 months earlier. She immediately became a part of the family and everybody’s best friend.


Returning to work in a busy office was a scary move but Quiz made the transition so easy. She was completely comfortable with the noise and craziness which is constant in the instruments office and has is a very calming influence. Luckily, Quiz appears to be a music lover and has attended a number concert during her time at Maestros. Arriving at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle to find a seat reserved for her was definitely a highlight!

Quiz is a very friendly dog. She really likes to be around people, especially children, and other dogs.


On her days off she enjoys walking, particularly along the river. She loves the water and is a very strong swimmer. Thankfully she is generally extremely sensible and won’t get in the water unless she is sure she will be able to get out again. That is until we went out on a staff walk one day and one of our teachers brought their dog who “never goes in the water”. We were walking along the canal where the sides had been concreted and there was a fair drop down into the water. I assured the other dog owner that Quiz wouldn’t jump in because she wouldn’t be able to get out. Five minutes later, the dog who doesn’t go into the water took a flying leap off the side and Quiz decided to follow. So there we were, lying on the side of the canal fishing two very wet and unapologetic dogs out of the mucky water!

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