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Harriet Ranson

My name is Harriet and since 2020 have been I am Vice Chairperson of the Berkshire Maestros Youth Advisory board). I am a singer in the Berkshire Youth Choir as well as member of the National Youth Girls’ Choir. I started singing with Maestros nearly five years ago when I auditioned for the Berkshire Youth Children’s Choir. Since then have moved up through the three choirs, successfully auditioning BYC in September 2020.

I joined the Youth Advisory Board during lockdown because I wanted to get involved in some leadership opportunities in and out of school. I also was very interested in seeing and understanding how the organisation ran, as I have been a part of it for so long. I was also very excited to work with new people, and to listen to and discuss new ideas. In the YAB, we discuss topics that we believe are important in improving the organisation; such as the organisation’s use of social media, how we can interact with the students during lockdown, and the diversity of Maestros. We also receive ideas from leadership at Maestros and feed back to them after we talk about the positives and negatives of the points that they put forward. It is great to be involved in this part of the organisation and have this opportunity to develop my ideas with others, who are also very passionate about music.

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