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Dawn Wren

Dawn has been passionate about music from an early age. Having started on the recorder at the age of seven, she soon developed a love for playing and begged to learn to play the clarinet as soon as she was eight. Thus started a life-long relationship with music with a real passion for playing with other people in as many different environments as possible. She was awarded a scholarship to study with her local music service and was supported to expand her knowledge and skills in Kodaly sol-fa, ensemble playing and musicianship.

“I believe in music as a fundamental right for everybody. Whether people listen to, perform, rehearse, compose or dance to it, it is a source of good in the world”.

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Shortly after starting a postgraduate qualification at Trinity College of Music, she began teaching and quickly discovered a desire to encourage as many children as possible to take up an instrument. From whole-class singing and recorders to individual clarinet, saxophone and flute lessons, Dawn has taught a wide range of studies within a variety of contexts. Expanding her teaching skills rapidly, she has worked for several music services across London and is an advocate for the vital work that music services do for children and young people.

She first took on a leadership role in a music service in 2009 and was fortunate to be able to support a fantastic team of woodwind and brass teachers to get the best out of their students. Since this time, she has held several leadership positions, most recently as Deputy Head of Kingston Music Service. Joining Berkshire Maestros, as CEO, in 2019 was an incredible opportunity to be able to shape a music service and continue her passion for leadership and enabling fantastic musical opportunities for children and young people.

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