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Learn It Live: Innovative Interactive Music Workshops for Key Stage 3, 4 & 5

What is Learn It Live?

Learn It Live’ is Berkshire Music Education Hub’s innovative and interactive performance workshops for secondary schools.

‘Learn it Live’ events are designed to inspire, challenge and motivate promising young musicians to realise their full potential, combining interactive live performances of set works with detailed musical analysis and composition.

‘Learn It Live’ inspires staff and students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the reality of today’s music industry by working alongside professional performers, composers and animateurs.

‘Learn It Live’ encourages students to apply their theoretical knowledge through collaborative live music-making activities and they take home a composer’s toolkit of resources, ideas and techniques to help with composing tasks and revision when they return to their classroom. Teachers have access to a variety of online resources from ‘Learn It Live’ events as well as audio and visual recordings from the workshops to aid further study and revision.

‘Learn It Live’ allows students to experience the thrill of live music-making on their doorstep and gain a ‘performers’ eye view’ of their set works and chosen musical styles. Performances and activities are carefully tailored to encourage students to interact with the performers through creative games, exercises and performance tasks linked to the areas of study; nurturing inquisitive mind sets and harnessing the power of live music-making.

Learn it Live has already taken place for 2016. If you are interested in other similar events then please have a look at our Time Piece Projects further down this page which is a similar workshop that can be brought to your school.

What Will Students Gain?

'Learn It Live' participants will all have the opportunity to:

  • Hear live performances of selected set works
  • Explore instrument specific techniques and timbres in a real life setting
  • Play/improvise in the style of set works alongside professional musicians
  • Immerse themselves in the key features of selected set works
  • Share their knowledge with other A-Level students
  • Be guided in composition by composers and professional musicians
  • Create and compose a new work for a live ensemble
  • Record their compositions for further study and revision (notation and audio/visual)

Learn It Live – Set Works Unwrapped (KS 4 & 5)

£15 per student (including pizza lunch and refreshments)

Q.  How much do composers of the Baroque Era have in common with contemporary videogame composers?

A. More than you might think…

Delve into the rich and elaborate world of the baroque concerto and marvel at the skill and virtuosity of soloists on violin, flute and trumpet performing music by Vivaldi and Purcell.  

Uncover the hidden gems of music writing within the videogame industry and learn more about the craft of unsung musical heroes including Koji Kondo (Super Mario), Daniel Rosenfeld (Minecraft) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy).

This day long workshop is designed to suit both GCSE and A-level classes and will immerse students in high calibre orchestral and contemporary performances which explore music with a performer’s eye view. Combining interactive live performances of set works with detailed musical analysis and composition, students will be able to ask questions, dissect ideas, manipulate sounds, challenge their knowledge and create their own compositions - all in one day!

Timetable of the day:

9:30-10:00am - Registration - Arrival, welcome and refreshments for staff and students
10:00am-1:00pm - Carousel Workshops - Exploring how to create and develop melodies and how to structure and decorate a composition for tension and emotional impact through live performance in mixed school workshops
1:00-2:00pm - Working Lunch - Design brief project leading into afternoon composition sessions.
2:00-4:00pm - Composition Sessions - Design, create, orchestrate and record your own videogame score with professional composers and musicians
4:00-5:00pm - Performance - Group sharing and audio/visual recording of new works

‘Time Pieces’ Projects (KS3)

£250 per session (this can be shared between participating schools where one school is the host)

Inspirational performers will treat you and your students to an interactive performance workshop featuring music from the baroque to modern day. The performance repertoire combines elements of popular culture, electronic music and cultural fusion making the experience relevant and accessible for all young musicians whatever their level of experience or musical background. Within the workshop your students will have the opportunity to:

  • perform and create music alongside visiting professional performers
  • develop performance skills with specialist instrumental input
  • create a pack of musical resources to aid composition

The 'Time Pieces' projects are delivered in your school* at a time which suits you and tailored to the needs and experiences of students in your class. Each project lasts 3 hours.

*(or in your chosen host school if you wish to combine classes with another local secondary school)

Click here to access this year’s 'Time Pieces' events and book your spaces!

What the Students say…

“Working with other students is really helpful because you can share and compare knowledge”  LIL Participant 2015/16
"I can visualise the piece better after seeing and hearing the live musicians”  LIL Participant 2015/16
"It was great to be able to unpick all the stylistic features”  LIL Participant 2015/16
“It’s great because it’s more about the music than the notation”  LIL Participant 2015/16
“It’s really useful to see how the players and parts work together…you can really see their interaction and individuality”  LIL Participant 2015/16
“I really enjoyed experimenting with different styles”  LIL Participant 2015/16
“The musicians and workshop leaders were passionate, inspirational, fearless and really supportive”  LIL participants 2014
“It was absolutely rocking in there”  LIL participant 2014
“Fabulous, interactive activities that really made us think…”  LIL participant 2013
“I will take away lots of new ways to use instruments which I do not play myself….and apply these ideas in my compositions”  LIL participant 2014

What the Teacher’s say…

“…really engaging, interesting and beautifully executed ”  Reading University PGCE Tutor 2012
“A great chance for pupils to meet each other … and get involved in music making”  LIL School Teachers 2014/15
“The Composer’s Toolkits were really useful for developing initial ideas”  LIL School Teacher 2014/15
“The Learn It Live musicians are brilliant, talented, inspiring, passionate and brave!”  LIL School Teachers 2015/16
“By the end of the afternoon there was an infectious buzz amongst the staff and students alike”  LIL School Teacher 2015/16
“Working with other students and musicians has opened their eyes to new possibilities”  Lil School Teacher 2015/16
“Do more of them! They are brilliant!”  LIL School Teacher 2015/16

Learn It Live Program



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