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Guitar Academy

The Guitar Academy operates in two tiers.

For full details of the Academy scheme, and to read more about the Academy for choral, orchestral and piano, please refer back to those areas pages here.

Once a guitarist has progressed from the Advanced Academy they have the opportunity to audition for entry to Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra (BYGO).

Debut Guitar Academy

Members of the Debut Guitar Academy (DGA) go on concert trips, attend workshops and receive a consultation lesson from a specialist tutor. All of the activities aim to inspire and motivate as well as an opportunity to explore different aspects of guitar playing.

Intermediate Guitar Academy

The Intermediate Guitar Academy (IGA) meets approximately once a month for workshops and rehearsals focussing on various aspects of performance and technique.

Each session is designed to inspire young guitarists, help them to develop their musicianship and technical skills as well as creatively explore different musical genres.

In addition to this, members of the IGA are given the opportunity to work alongside the prestigious Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra in a side-by-side project.

Download more information about the opportunities available in the Intermediate Guitar Academy for 2019-20 here.

Members of the IGA may be invited to audition for entry to BYGO once they have attained the required minimum standard.

Advanced Academy

The Advanced Academy provides additional support and opportunities for the most advanced young musicians in Berkshire.  

The Advanced Academy runs courses that focus on specialist chamber music sessions and musicianship. All Advanced Academy activities are designed to nurture the developing musician; promoting independence and confidence with a particular focus on developing the sort of skills that are vital to succeed in the higher grades and GCSE/ A Level qualifications. Recently the Advanced Academy has run workshops in collaboration with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Atea Wind Quintet and Quintable Brass quintet as well as receiving chamber music coaching from renowned guitar soloist, Craig Ogden.

Throughout the year members of the Advanced Academy will have the opportunity to work with top professional performers through a variety of masterclasses and consultation lessons.

In addition to this, the Advanced Academy offers support to young musicians who aspire to join national ensembles, or continue their study of music at university and conservatoire by offering masterclass opportunities and advice on how to audition successfully.

Download more information about this year’s Advanced Academy here. To enquire about joining the Advanced Academy please e-mail Alternatively, complete the form here to nominate a young musician to be added to REMA (Register of Exceptional Musical Ability); students on REMA will be provided with a pathway for future membership of the Academy@Maestros.

Filming: Berkshire Maestros reserves the right to make a video recording of all Academy and County Group auditions. This is because we have different teams of assessors and we need to make sure that marking is consistent. Moderation is done by the Curricular Head and specialised instrument tutors; they are the only people who will see the videos which will be destroyed once the assessment has concluded.

To withdraw from Academy please click here

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