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The Academy@Maestros provides gifted, talented and promising young musicians in Berkshire with personalised extension and enrichment activities designed to inspire and motivate students to realise their full creative potential.

We aim to identify promising young musicians at the earliest possible opportunity and use the Register of Exceptional Musical Ability to create personalised learning pathways and monitor the progress of talented young musicians from beginner to advanced level.

The Academy@Maestros activities operate in three tiers; debut (beginner to grade 3), intermediate (grade 3-6) and advanced (grade 6+).

Through a variety of courses, workshops, masterclasses and special events the Academy@Maestros creates opportunities for the most able young musicians to play and learn alongside specialist instrumental staff, visiting professional players, composers and animateurs and join in with side by side events with our County Youth Ensembles.

The Academy@Maestros can also provide some support financially with the cost of additional activities, lesson extensions with specialist teachers and directing parents and teachers towards help for purchasing high quality instruments which will allow students to realise their potential.

Follow the link for your musical instrument to see what the Academy@Maestros could offer:

Guitar (all abilities)

Woodwind, Brass, Strings & Percussion (beginner to grade 3)

Woodwind, Brass, Strings & Percussion (grade 3 – 6)

Woodwind, Brass, Strings & Percussion (grade 6+)

Piano (beginner to grade 3)

Piano (grade 3 – 6+)

Filming: Berkshire Maestros reserves the right to make a video recording of all Academy and County Group auditions. This is because we have different teams of assessors and we need to make sure that marking is consistent. Moderation is done by the Curricular Head and specialised instrument tutors; they are the only people who will see the videos which will be destroyed once the assessment has concluded.

REMA (Register of Exceptional Musical Ability)

The Register of Exceptional Musical Ability is maintained by the Berkshire Music Hub. It allows schools, music teachers and parents to work together to support, inspire and motivate the most promising young musicians in Berkshire. Recommendations are made by the teacher, school or parent, and assessments are made by the Academy Senior Leader during lessons or ensemble sessions. The register is reviewed termly by the Academy Senior Leader. Inclusion in REMA provides extension and enrichment opportunities for promising young musicians with a keen awareness of their personal, social and musical needs including:

  • Specialist instrumental/vocal tuition 

  • Guidance for ensemble membership 

  • Tailor-made workshops and concert events

REMA also provides a pathway for future membership to Academy@Maestros and Berkshire county youth ensembles.

If you believe you know someone who should be on the register please contact:

Download more information about REMA


The Academy@BYSO caters for gifted and talented young orchestral players who do not yet hold a seat in the Berkshire Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO).

Academy@BYSO activities run in parallel to BYSO courses and include specialist chamber music sessions, masterclass opportunities, county string and wind ensemble courses, side-by-side performance events with the youth orchestra and student tickets to BYSO concerts. All Academy@BYSO activities are designed to nurture the developing orchestral musician promoting independence and confidence as an instrumental musician and developing vital ensemble skills in a training ground for the main orchestra.

Download more information about this year’s Academy@BYSO or e-mail


Piano Academy

The Piano Academy offers promising young pianists a unique opportunity to share their skills and talents with other like-minded musicians.

Piano Academy activities include coaching in piano duets and chamber music with professional pianists, training in accompanying skills, creative composition projects, a chance to rehearse and perform as part of an orchestra or pops band, masterclass sessions and collaborative performance events.

All Piano Academy activities are designed to develop independence and confidence, both as a soloist and as an ensemble musician, and are a must for any talented young pianist!

Download more information about Piano Academy or e-mail


Academy on Sundays

Academy on Sundays (AoS) brings together the most promising young orchestral musicians from across Berkshire for six Special Sunday workshops, tailor made to inspire, motivate and challenge gifted and talented young musicians. 

Each AoS session is tailor made to suit the abilities and aspirations of its members. The year starts with work in String, Wind and Brass Ensembles where members can fine tune their specific instrumental skills to improve their understanding of sound quality, balance and blend, detailed articulations and improve dynamic (volume) range and contrast. The AoS often commissions and works with leading composers and orchestras to develop new music specifically for our members and their ensembles – there is no better way.

Being able to create and perform your own music with and without a score is a powerful tool for a musician. The AoS will include sessions working with composers, conductors and animateurs to develop creative freedom in music making. Members can play and perform as a stage orchestra and explore the world of pop, rock, funk, soul and jazz. Orchestral players often feel that this is an area in which they do not feature. X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and pop artists like Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams have shown us that this is not the case and playing these styles is a vital part of our music making!

Promising young students are invited to join the AoS once they have reached grade 3 on their first study instrument. In most cases, Berkshire Maestros will already know about gifted, talented and promising students who are approaching entry to the Academy on Sundays through their record in REMA (Register of Exceptional Musical Ability). Students may also apply directly to join the AoS scheme if they show exceptional promise and ability in their music making.

Guitar Academy

The Guitar Academy has been put together to provide opportunities for the most gifted and talented guitar players from Berkshire. Divided into levels, the structure has been designed to challenge and stretch the existing abilities of the students to enable them to progress confidently. With a regular schedule of rehearsals and teaching based at Stoneham Court, the programme has been devised to provide a diverse range of high quality learning opportunities for all of the students. There will also be the chance to perform in concerts and participate in activities alongside Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra.

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